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Growth Hacking Workshop

Learn how to achieve rapid growth in this two-day crash course


  • Are you terrified by how fast marketing and business growth are changing?
  • Does your team lack a clearly defined methodology for structuring and prioritising marketing actions?
  • Do you get overwhelmed by the growing number of channels consumers spend their time on?
  • Is your team too reliant on developers to get things done?

These fears and concerns are shared by marketers and founders everywhere today. Attend the workshop to discover the latest techniques and strategies in digital, data-driven marketing, and start growing your business rapidly and sustainably.


You’re eager to acquire new skills in data-driven, technical marketing, thereby re-defining your role within your organisation. You’ll learn how to actively engage customers throughout their journey from new prospect to loyal user.
Product owners
You'll learn how to optimise user engagement with your product by focusing on the experience. The experience that a product provides is the essence of the product itself and informs every touchpoint of the customer’s lifetime.
You can’t fight the big guys using the same tactics they use. You have to think out-of-the-box and explore creative approaches for optimising and distributing your product the fastest possible way.


  • Estée Lauder
  • Microsoft
  • Capgemini
  • Ardennes Étape
  • Are they happy
  • Giacomini
  • Knowledge Plaza
  • La Libre
  • Lampiris
  • Lean Square
  • List Minut'
  • Seraphin
  • Social Seeder
  • ING
  • BNP Paribas Fortis
  • Joyn
  • Uncut
  • Actito


  • Learn new techniques and tools for attracting and retaining high-value customers
  • Learn how to focus on the right metrics and establish S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Learn how to lower customer acquisition costs
  • Learn why teams across your organisation — from marketing to product development to sales to distribution — must be wholly integrated with one another in order to achieve sleek and rapid growth
  • Learn why retention is more important than new customer acquisition for your bottom line

I have attended many trainings on many topics before, and this one really stood out. It featured motivated, knowledgeable speakers who managed to give a two-day intensive training course with lots of value for the audience. Good job, and thanks, guys!

Ruben Merre, CEO of NGRAVE

I attended the Growth Hacking two-day training. I had no prior experience with marketing, and this training bootstrapped me with almost everything there is to know about the field. I now know the basics of implementing marketing automation techniques to get us through the funnel, from customer awareness and acquisition to customer retention for our SaaS apps.

Kevin Françoisse, CEO of Sagacify

I had high expectations for this workshop as I have both an IT and business development background, with a particular interest in B2B inbound marketing and growth techniques. The MAD Kings team conducted a well-structured workshop over two days, with a lot of valuable content and actionable takeaways for both small and larger organisations. Strongly recommended and definitely need more of these in Belgium!

Gregory Culpin, Director at Elium

A dive into the complex world of Growth Hacking. This workshop gives you concrete tools and techniques to acquire new customers in the age of Facebook and digital identity. Beyond the buzz, the team of MAD Kings is committed to making marketing an increasingly accurate science, to the delight of their customers!

Nicolas Paris, Innovation Manager at Lampiris

This two-day workshop exceeded my expectations. It was a fulfilling experience with great content as well as a nice atmosphere. The theory [behind Growth Marketing] was combined with its practical aspects in a smart and fluid way. I definitely recommend it!

Justine Cuylits, Digital Marketer at BLCreative


  • Thomas Paris Growth Strategist - MAD Kings

    Thomas Paris Growth Strategist - MAD Kings

    Thomas is a technical marketer who is passionate about Growth Hacking and Entrepreneurship. He is the founder of Pictawall, a visual marketing platform that boosts brand exposure through user-generated content on social media, leading to increased online conversions. Also a founder of MAD Kings, a Brussels-based growth hacking agency, Thomas believes that the key to growth is diligent execution of a customer-centric, data-driven, agile methodology.

  • Jean-Christophe Cuvelier AUTOMATION SPECIALIST - MAD Kings

    Jean-Christophe Cuvelier AUTOMATION SPECIALIST - MAD Kings

    JC has many years of experience in digital marketing. Having spent more than 10 years in a communications agency and 4 years in a startup specialised in social network technologies, he has become an authority in the field, backed by a successful track record. With his knowledge of technologies, he can automate marketing processes and scale marketing efforts to generate exponential growth. JC also takes a keen interest in business development, devoting some of his time to mentoring and supporting up-and-coming startups and entrepreneurs.

  • Eric Rodriguez DATA SCIENTIST - MAD Kings

    Eric Rodriguez DATA SCIENTIST - MAD Kings

    With more than 15 years of experience in technology, in roles ranging from Developer to DevOps Architect to Data Scientist, Eric has honed a broad range of skills for designing and developing everything from object-oriented applications to web and mobile apps. In the last few years, Eric has kept himself busy in the role of CTO, overseeing the development of web applications for startups:, and He has worked in various business environments, including banking, government, finance, internet startups, customs and online auctions. An enthusiast of new and emerging technologies, he’s also very active in the greater developer community, participating in multiple hackathons and startup weekends. Eric is currently focusing on his latest venture, which aims to disrupt the business information broker industry.

  • Jim Van den Broeck Growth Strategist - MAD Kings

    Jim Van den Broeck Growth Strategist - MAD Kings

    Jim Van den Broeck is a performance marketer passionate about Growth Hacking and Entrepreneurship. Our resident Google guru, Jim loves experimenting with search and continually evolves his skills in SEO and SEA (Google Ads), using his expertise to give his clients an edge. He looks forward to sharing his insights at the workshop.

  • Alexis Martial Growth Performance Marketer - MAD Kings

    Alexis Martial Growth Performance Marketer - MAD Kings

    Alexis is process-oriented and enjoys optimising the customer experience. His expertise derives from his past work with e-commerce and SaaS companies (B2B + B2C). Curious by nature, he’s always asking questions so as to better understand how things work and why. In the same vein, he likes to explore creative solutions for common problems.

  • Rabin (拉宾) Nuchtabek Growth Marketer - MAD Kings

    Rabin (拉宾) Nuchtabek Growth Marketer - MAD Kings

    A Growth Strategist with a genuine passion for mobile apps and SaaS ventures, Rabin has a proven track record with scaling mobile apps, including Wish, Clash of Clans, AliExpress, Angry Birds 2, iTranslate and Tinder. An international roamer, Rabin has grown up, studied and worked in China, Russia and Belgium. Rabin serves as an advisory board member for App Radar.

Last Workshop Event Schedule

Thursday, 16 May 2019

  • Introduction To Growth Hacking

  • Build your data-driven personae

  • Define Your Funnel

  • Motivation Session

  • Web Analytics

  • Customer acquisition on Steroids 1

  • Customer acquisition on Steroids 2

Friday, 17 May 2019

  • Content hacking

  • UX applied to growth for CRO - 1

  • UX applied to growth for CRO - 2

  • Motivation session

  • Activation & Retention

  • Growth sprint - 1

  • Growth sprint - 2

  • Conclusion

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Growth Hacking is defined by one goal: to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business. To achieve this goal, growth hackers adopt a methodology of rapid experimentation through phases of the conversion funnel, product development, and other areas of the business. A growth hacking team — typically composed of a technical marketer, a UX/UI designer, a full stack developer and a data analyst — examines the entire customer journey to identify bottlenecks in the conversion funnel. They then run data-driven experiments, using the scrum methodology, to improve the company’s defined key metric(s). To achieve long-term sustainable growth, they focus on optimisation as well as lead generation.


The AAARRR framework gives growth hacking teams a clear visualisation of the conversion funnel, enabling them to optimise each step by focusing on one key metric at any given time. Think of your business as a bucket and your leads as water. If you start pouring water into a leaky bucket, you waste money and other resources. In other words, you can’t call it a day as soon as a customer is activated; you have to work harder to ensure that you consistently deliver an outstanding product and user experience. This is why growth teams care deeply about customer retention.

AAARRR Framework


Growth hacking combines the best features of the Lean Startup and Scrum methodologies. After analysing the funnel and defining their OMTM (One Metric That Matters), growth teams run data-driven experiments in sprints of 1 or 2 weeks. By analysing the data and their initial hypothesis, they are able to quickly decide to kill or scale experiments, cycling through numerous iterations at minimal cost. The rapid pace of decision-making and execution is the number one reason why companies applying the growth methodology are outsmarting and outrunning their competition.

Lean Marketing


Looking for growth hackers is like looking for unicorns pooping ice cream. The breadth of skills needed to run successful data-driven experiments across the entire funnel is such that companies must focus on building growth hacking teams with T-shaped profiles. In addition to being knowledgeable about the funnel as a whole, each member of the team brings a depth of knowledge from his/her own area of expertise along with a specialisation in one or two skills.